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About Us

Hi there! We're Amanda and Shawn. We've been traveling around the world together for over a decade, exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures.

How it all began

About us


Born and raised in Escondido, I have always had a desire to own a business.  I enjoy graphic design and started a t-shirt printing business after high school which taught me painful lessons about succeeding in business.

I later moved to Sonoma and eventually landed an opportunity to work as a wine tour guide, and that is where I found my passion.  Providing my customers a great experience is what I love doing. 

When I moved back to Escondido, while on the road passing the Grapevine I was thinking about my future, and the idea of starting a touring business naturally and suddenly sprung to mind.  We talked about it all the way home, and we began developing what has become Hidden Barrel Tours. 


I grew up in San Diego and moved to Escondido some 30 years ago.  I have an entrepreneurial spirit which has driven me to business ventures from book publishing to engineering design consulting.  

When my kids were high schoolers I sought to inspire them to start a business to gain valuable life experience.  We launched an apparel business and a custom printing business during those years.  

Most recently I decided to partner with Sean on a touring business for several reasons including I just can’t help myself and most importantly, Sean has a proven track record as an excellent tour guide.  I was sold on the idea after how much family fun we had on a wine tour in Napa Valley.  And on the road home as we crossed the Grapevine a spark of an idea ignited our imagination.

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— Sean & Miguel—
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