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Due to COVID-19 we are taking the extra steps in protecting our guest and the breweries/wineries we service. Effective now all guests booking a tour must be from one group of family/friends and all guests must be seated in the back. Guests will be required to wear a mask in the VW Vanagon, and only when sipping on beer/wine can mask be off.  Hand sanitizer will be provided along with a replacement mask if one gets lost.

The cleanness of our VW Vanagon is one of our top priorities. With each tour our van goes through a deep cleaning process using approved covid-19 cleaning disinfectants. Before guest get picked up the VW Vanagon will go through a cleaning and wipe down process, along with at each stop the driver will return to the VW Vanagon and perform a wipe down, and after every tour the VW will go through one last thoroughly clean/wipe down. Questions or concerned about your tour? please email

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